By: The Bytown Group On: October 31, 2016

“No that’s ok, we’ll manage the printing…” -client
[deep breath] -me

Would you ever try building your own house using the blueprints an architect provided – on your own? Didn’t think so.

Let us handle the printing. You’ll thank US. And we’ll thank YOU.
An increasing number of businesses are deciding to take on the role of print management upon themselves, in the hopes of cutting costs and keeping in control. Well unfortunately, there’s a BIG chance it will backfire, and you’ll be left in a pile of your own tears, and a hefty bill to pay.

So here’s why you should let us handle your print jobs:

1. Lookin’ Good!
When we manage the printing, we become responsible for the quality of the printing. You’re already spending hard earned money on a great design, don’t skimp out on poor printing now! We know our paper stocks, our colour codes, and the ins and outs of printing the best quality for the product in question. We supervise the printing process, get cosy with the printing staff – all for the sake of quality and visual integrity!

2. We Know People…
We’ve been around. A LONG time. And we know who does what best. We have worked with dozens of printing companies, and each has its own specialized piece of the printing pie. And even better – we speak PRINTO – that funny lingo printers use? Let us communicate on your behalf to make sure the project stays on it’s rails.

3. We’re Old.
Like I said. We’ve been around. A LONG time. We have the experience, we have the connections, and we have the means to get it done, so that you can get your project on time, and looking right. It’s hard to confuse us, as we’ve seen it all by now!

4. First Time’s a Charm!
You can’t afford to not get it right the first time! Press Checks, Print Proofs, Re-Prints, Partial Deliveries…These will all burn a hole in your budget before you know it. We’ll make sure that your first time is magical – and accurate.

So please, let us handle your printing. You’ll be happy you did.