By: The Bytown Group On: April 12, 2017

old-macBeen there. Done that.

The Original “Mad Men”

When people ask me what things used to be like in the “old days”, I usually tell them, “You have no Idea!”

But think about it… just think how you would run your business with no email, no web page, no Google – oh and no cell phone! None of the things that we rely on so much today! When I wake up, my phone is already tracking and telling me to get moving. It tells me where I am supposed to be, what it will be like when I get there – it even takes me there! It tells me where to park, where to get money, where to pick up breakfast…Not sure why I still need a brain!

But the fact remains that, back in the day, before computers were useful to everyday life, we survived! And in some cases flourished! The word “Open Source” had not been conceived yet! And why would it be – clients knew nothing about ‘What an Agency did‘. We were Magic! Gods! – we made things happen! Clients used to say things like, “we really don’t know what we want”. Wow imagine that these days – the creative potential and freedom that came with that!

But, nowadays, clients are savvy; they are smart. And, in a lot of cases, think they know what is best for them. Has creative freedom within an agency taken a hit as a result?

…to be continued

– Bob Corrall, owner