The Key to the Lost Demographic

By: The Bytown Group On: October 24, 2017

Most marketers today are really not talking to Boomers! Being in that demographic, I empathize with the observations in this article and wonder, why is this the case? It probably comes from the fact that most marketing companies use online surveys to develop and support their assumptions; Boomers on the other hand do not spend much time filling in online surveys. More creative ways have to be found to reach out to this demographic. I think vast opportunities are being missed!….. What do you think?

Does Size Really Matter?

By: The Bytown Group On: April 24, 2017

Starting an agency back in the day was fun, but it was a lot of hard work and endless days. In the 70s we were the new kids on the block, however, we were actually a scarce commodity as the number of agencies in Ottawa at that time could be counted on one hand! Ottawa was a civil service town back then, but there soon emerged a new category of client called “high tech”. High tech was popping up all over the city and most companies had a real need for a good marketing agency.   Enter Bytown Group.   Bytown Group started life…

The Original “Mad Men”

By: The Bytown Group On: April 12, 2017

Been there. Done that. The Original “Mad Men” When people ask me what things used to be like in the “old days”, I usually tell them, “You have no Idea!” But think about it… just think how you would run your business with no email, no web page, no Google – oh and no cell phone! None of the things that we rely on so much today! When I wake up, my phone is already tracking and telling me to get moving. It tells me where I am supposed to be, what it will be like when I get there – it even takes me…

We’ve had some work done…

By: The Bytown Group On: October 31, 2016

Well. It’s official. We’ve finally unveiled our new “look”. We’ve been around for 42 years, and we’ve changed a lot in our days! We’ve showered, shaved, waxed and polished. We hope you like our new look! So browse the site! Enjoy your stay! And if you need a hand, holler. We don’t sleep. Ever.

Print Management – Not Optional.

By: The Bytown Group On: October 31, 2016

“No that’s ok, we’ll manage the printing…” -client [deep breath] -me Would you ever try building your own house using the blueprints an architect provided – on your own? Didn’t think so. Let us handle the printing. You’ll thank US. And we’ll thank YOU. An increasing number of businesses are deciding to take on the role of print management upon themselves, in the hopes of cutting costs and keeping in control. Well unfortunately, there’s a BIG chance it will backfire, and you’ll be left in a pile of your own tears, and a hefty bill to pay. So here’s why…